October 11, 2016

Notera Philippines Products

In this day and age, the beauty of heartfelt handwritten letters is slowly becoming obsolete. Call me old-fashioned but since when did Facebook, Viber, or Telegram replace the sentiment of a lovely little note. I’m sure it’s way easier to just type something up and post it or print it out but is that really what this world has come to? What is happening to the romantic world? Even the intimacy of relationships is lost in all the public displays of affection on the world wide web. I, for one, am still so intrigued when I receive little cards in sealed envelopes. I still get excited when I get little packages overflowing with personalized effort. If this makes me a hopeless romantic then so be it. So imagine my surprise when I came across a brand that is all about the art of paper—Notera.

Notera Philippines Products

Notera is a local brand that retails printed custom stationary online. Their mission is to consistently provide clients with the best high-quality stationary with trendy designs at affordable prices. The collections are updated every month and they even have a commercial license to produce the design elements purchased from other designers. Notera not only produces their own designs but they support local artists too, which is always a great thing to do.

Notera Philippines Product

I was so thrilled when I got my very own set of custom stationary from Notera. I got one notepad and two sets of notecards. For the notepad, I chose the beautiful pastel watercolour design and I added one of my mantras in life—the world is your runway—on it. Isn’t it pretty? Just a little something to remind me every single day that there is no shame in dressing however I want to wherever I want. From now on, my to-do-lists will never be boring ever again.

Notera Philippines Products

I also had a set of notecards made featuring the pastel pink watercolour design. I had “hello gorgeous” placed on it because all of my friends are gorgeous and I want them to know that every single time I write to them. This will definitely put a smile on their faces—don’t you think? The notecards come in sets of 12 and 24 and are paired with matching envelopes.

Notera Philippines Products Notera Philippines Products

As conceited as it sounds, my favorite is the set of notecards with my name on it. It’s just so me. It features an irregularly shaped border and my name, of course, in gold. Isn’t it such a classic and beautiful piece? I love every little detail on it, especially the font. I can’t wait to send out little notes to the special people in my life.

Notera Philippines Products

To get your very own custom stationary, you can order online at Notera’s official website.

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