January 2, 2017

Katrina's Clothing products

As an entrepreneur, I’ve always had a soft spot for my fellow entrepreneurs. I am a sucker for local products so I buy as much as I can, especially the interesting ones. It’s just such a great feeling supporting the creativity of Filipinos. It’s also how I can contribute to the country’s economy, in my own little way.

Katrina’s Clothing is a local online shop that sells everything from fashion pieces to beauty products. I decided to order one fashion item and one beauty product from their website.

Katrina's Clothing products

I got this adorable pair of colorful earrings and their best-selling Carrot Health Soap for myself. The pair of earrings is a colorful piece that adds a sense of playfulness to any ensemble. I usually get neutral colored accessories but I ended up liking the whimsy look of the earrings.

Katrina's Clothing products

People always tell me to eat my vegetables everyday so I thought I’d try scrubbing it on my body instead. The Carrot Health Soap is not only a daily dose of vegetables (maybe) but it’s also great for smoothening out the skin, preventing acne, and it even has therapeutic powers. It’s my current favorite soap.

To get your very own playful fashion piece or health soap, check out the official website of Katrina’s Clothing!

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