November 16, 2016

Eden's Paradise products

In this world filled with technological advancements, never underestimate the power of nature. There’s a certain comfort in revisiting the remedies of the past especially when it comes to skin care. Using products that contain ingredients sourced solely from nature is definitely something your skin will thank you for, trust me. Thankfully, I found a brand that locally produces and retails all-natural beauty products—Eden’s Paradise.

Eden's Paradise products

Premium Escargot soap. Tofu Bean soap. Radish RX soap.

Don’t let the names fool you! These adorable soap bars smell scrumptious. Not in an escargot tofu radish kind of way (which I expected) but in a yummy candy type of way. To me, the radish soap smells like flowers, the tofu soap smells like Fruitella and the escargot soap smells like a sweet sweet orange. I love how these handmade soap bars even out my skin tone, remove my dead skin cells and lighten my body scars. I was impressed at how my skin improved.

Eden's Paradise products

Winterberry Lip Custard Cream. Brown Teddy Lip Custard Cream. 

The Lip Custard Cream is basically matte liquid lipstick that doesn’t dry out the lips. It even moisturizes and lightens the color of the lips. I love how the Winterberry shade makes my lips naturally pink after I remove it. It just leaves you with a natural pink glow which doesn’t happen with just any lipstick. The Winterberry shade starts out as a light pink shade but dries to a bright pink color. The Brown Teddy shade is a dark nude color which is perfect as an everyday lipstick. I love both Lip Custard Creams (especially the Winterberry one) but I end up applying more than one layer to achieve my desired coverage—but it’s worth it.

Eden's Paradise products

I usually buy all-natural products abroad so it’s great that I now have a local go-to place for natural beauty products. For more information on Eden’s Paradise, check out their official website.

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